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Arizona''s undersized Zellers coming up big at nose guard

TUCSON, Ariz. Scooby Wright remembers one of his first days at camp last year when Arizona 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Wildcats defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel pointed to a player and said, "We need guys like this in our program if we want to be good."

He wasn''t pointing to a senior. Or a returning starter.

"I had him stand up in a team meeting and said, ''He''s probably not the most impressive guy off the bus, and he''s not 6 1 unless he''s got cleats on and is standing on a shoe box but he''s a tough guy," said Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez said.

"For a redshirt freshman who was a walk on that nobody knew about, he''s acquitted himself pretty well."

Zellers has started four games this season for the 19th ranked Wildcats (6 2 overall, 3 2 Pac 12), and he is listed this week, for the first time all season, as the starting nose guard, backed up by Sani Fuimaono. Erstwhile starting nose guard Jeff Worthy has been shifted to a second string position at defensive end.

Wright has emerged as a potential All American linebacker as a sophomore, making plays sideline to sideline and wreaking havoc in the opponent''s backfield. Remember this: He and Zellers are almost identical size.

"Parker is just really physical," Wright said. "He''s one of those guys who plays with straight toughness. I couldn''t imagine taking on double teams from 300 pound plus Buy Cheap Jintropin Online linemen. He does it, but I don''t know how he does it, to be honest."

Rodriguez figures he hasn''t had a nose guard so light in the behind since he was coaching at tiny Glenville State in the 1990s. Look around the Pac 12. You see standout interior defensive linemen like Washington''s Danny Shelton (339 pounds), UCLA''s Eddie Vanderdoes (305), Stanford''s David Parry (300) or even Arizona State''s massive Mo Latu (360).

And then there''s Zellers, listed at 6 foot 1, 247 pounds.

"I''ve seen all types of looks from across the line," Testosterone Cypionate Liver Damage Zellers said. "They give me the, ''What''s this kid doing here?'' kind of look or the, ''How big are you?'' kind of look. I try to not let it get to me."

Zellers, whose role is occupy multiple blockers so Wright and others can race in for the glory and the tackles, has made 11 tackles and recovered a fumble. He says he felt good about his chances to play at this level when watching practice film in the spring, when defensive line coach Bill Kirelawich complimented his performance in front of teammates by saying, "This is how you''re supposed to do it."

Rodriguez and staff were further sold after last month''s win at Oregon, when Zellers started in place of an injured Worthy.

"When he was lined up against the All American from Oregon (center Hroniss Grasu) and was holding his own I mean, he got whipped a little bit; who doesn''t? but he held his own right there and we thought, ''This guy is going to be playing a "Anaboliset Aineet" lot of football for Arizona.'' "

Zellers estimates that he has played at least 65 to 70 snaps in some games, a big workload for a light player. But while his size is an obvious disadvantage, it has some not so obvious advantages.

"The biggest advantage is my height," he said. "Those big linemen are not used to getting that low. Those big guys, sometimes it''s just not physically possible for them to get lower than me.

"Another advantage is my quickness and motor. You see these big, heavy nose tackles, and they get gassed after one or two plays. I think the benefit of being underweight is not getting so gassed and having better conditioning."

Bottom line: Don''t dismiss Zellers because of his size. Nikita Whitlock was one of the top defensive linemen in the ACC in the past few years, and he was 5 11, 250.

For now, Zellers, from Scottsdale''s Notre Dame Prep, is living the dream. He had no scholarship offers from a Division I school, whether at the FBS or FCS level. He didn''t really listen to Testoviron 250 O Sustanon 250 Division II offers, because 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone it was "D I or bust," he said.

"ASU offered a walk on spot, but it wouldn''t have worked out like this, and it buy cheap jintropin online wasn''t the same type of reaching out," Zellers said.

"(Rodriguez) backed it up, with facts about how many walk ons they have played. That definitely gave me some reassurance. And then (Kirelawich) told me there''s Turinabol Ciccone no better place to walk on anywhere in the country than Arizona right now. I took his word for it, and it worked out."

It should keep working. Zellers won''t be a 247 pound nose guard forever. He says he''ll be able to put on weight and add muscle, while maintaining conditioning.

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